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Virtual Conferences Answers

No, you will only meet with one realtor at a time.

No, your retailer meetings will be scheduled based on your Retailer Preference Survey responses. Times slots are filled based on the order in which survey responses are received.

You will receive a personalized schedule with the Zoom meetings and each retailer you will be meeting. You will know exactly what time you need to join each meeting link to ensure you are able to meet with your selected retailers.

Yes, similar to verifying participation at a live event, we have implemented a Zoom event registration process for each Zoom meeting to ensure only those who are registered to attend the event will be able to access them.

The facilitation team will be monitoring the waiting room and admitting participants to the meeting. Please be sure once you have joined the zoom meeting you stay in the meeting for the duration of your appointments. This will ensure you are available for your meetings at the assigned time.

Yes, when you join a meeting link please verbally state your name and the first retailer you are scheduled to meet with at that link. The facilitation team will welcome you so you know they heard you.

You will leave the Zoom meeting you are currently in and join a new Zoom meeting for the next link.

At this time, scheduling allows for at 3 minutes per retailer meeting. Please be sure your presentation, as well as any questions you may have, will fit within that time frame.

You will be able to share your presentation using the “Share Screen” option in the Zoom controls. We also recommend you upload your presentation to a cloud platform, such as Drive or DropBox, and copy the link into the chat box to share with the retailer.

Contact details can be shared with the retailer via the chat box.

Your facilitation team will be timing and coordinating all movements. You will see a box on your screen appear notifying you that you are being invited to join a new room. Please be sure to click the Join button to move to the meeting. If you do not click Join, you will not move to the assigned Retailer.

While we will make every effort to get you into a meeting with as many of your preferred retailers as possible, we cannot guarantee a meeting with each. Just like a live event, retailer popularity or a retailer no-show will have an impact on the number of people waiting to meet them.

If you do not complete a Retailer Preference survey by August 31, you will receive one last survey invite. You will have 24 hours to complete that survey. If you do not complete the survey, we cannot guarantee you will have an opportunity to meet with any retailers since the survey is used to create each meeting schedule.

Due to the limited time you will have with each retailer the best experience will be achieved if you meet with the retailers individually. Also, by meeting with retailers on an individual basis, you will have the opportunity to interact with more of the available retailers since you can "divide and conquer" those who you are most interested in meeting.

The speakers will be broadcast in a separate Networking Meeting Link. You can choose to join this meeting to view the speaker presentations at any time. Please note, you will not be able to meet with retailers from other links while you are in the Networking Meeting. Be sure to keep a close eye on the time so you can rejoin your Retailer Meeting Links as needed.

Schedules will have break times scheduled break times between meetings. You may take a break at any of these times - just be sure to rejoin before your next scheduled meeting.

Yes, you will receive an email the day after the event with the link to a digital version of the Trade Book.

We highly recommend joining one of the scheduled tech checks to make sure everything is working as expected. As Operating Systems and Zoom make updates, there are times when changes may be made to your previous settings. A tech check is a great way to make sure you don’t have any unexpected surprises.

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Tech Questions
We aren't tech support, but maybe this will help.

Using the Zoom Desktop Client or Zoom App (mobile device) you will join the meeting using the information sent to you when you registered for the event. Note: Please do not use a Chromebook. Chrome Operating System, or Zoom Room to join. This will prevent you from being able to move to the Retailer Rooms.

No, you did not miss it. The Zoom meetings will be open the entire 4 hour block. The facilitation team will move you from the waiting room to a room with other participants shortly.

Please ensure you are joined directly from the device you are using and not remotely (such as through a remote desktop application). The audio and video from your end cannot pass through a remote setup.

If you experience an issue, please email For immediate assistance, you may join the Networking Zoom link where the facilitator will be able to provide assistance.

Virtual Meeting Tips
Small things we have learned that can help
  • Be sure to join from the Zoom Client (desktop) or Zoom App (mobile). Joining through the browser will prevent you from being able to join Retailers in their individual rooms.
  • Join directly from the device you will be using for the meeting. Joining through a remote desktop will prevent your audio and visual from working. Note: Please do not use a Chromebook. Chrome Operating System, or Zoom Room to join. This will prevent you from being able to move to the Retailer Rooms.
  • When joining the meeting, please be sure to use your first and last name as listed on your registration, and verbally introduce yourself.
  • For the optimal experience, ensure audio and visual are enabled.
  • Position your camera at eye level, you may need to get creative by using an empty box or another item to raise your camera to eye level, but make sure your video is head on.
  • Let there be light! You’ll want plenty of lighting on your face and natural light is always best. Avoid lighting from behind; having your back to a window, for example, can create dark shadows.
  • Comfortable furniture and clothing are always a plus. While we don't want to see anyone's pajamas, we certainly don't expect you to dress up in a shirt and tie to join us.
  • Keep in mind you are on camera, be mindful of your body language and know that everything you do, others can see and hear.
  • Be mindful of background noise. If you can hear it, so can the person you are talking to.
  • Stay engaged in the meeting. Please set an email auto-responder just as you would for a live event.
  • Please have your presentation for the Retailers prepared in advance. Remember, each retailer meet is timed and you will be moved once the time is up regardless of where you are at in your presentation.
  • If you will be sharing your screen, please have the information you are sharing pulled up and ready to go. Aside from the Zoom meeting, this should be the only thing active on your device.
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